Unruly or agreeable glazes? First impressions.

Every glaze is a law unto itself. The finished effect depends massively on so many variable factors ………the top temperature, the speed at which it reaches that temperature and the time it remains at that temperature, the actual type of kiln that it’s fired in, ….. (bored yet?)…….the positioning of the piece in the kiln, the thickness of the glaze, the type of clay..blah, blah… and more blah (obviously therefore not a predictable outcome – all part of the “fun”). So when you get a new glaze it’s all a big mystery as to how it will actually turn out in the end. It could be a delightful surprise, or a ‘misery inducing’ surprise.

After a day of slowly cooking my pots in my wee kiln with my new glazes and a whole night of cooling down (aided by the unseasonal breezy weather that we’ve been experiencing!)… the kiln was ready to be opened.

With butterflies in my tummy, a clenched jaw and an image in my head of burnt and blistered pots (not an impossibility) I slowly and carefully opened the lid of the kiln.

Two words can sum up my emotions…. relief and delight.  Let me know what you think!


102_2 077_2 Romantic Marble Blue   052_2   082_2  







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